Penis Enlargement Pill products available over the counter and without a prescription
Do natural Penis Enlargement pills or programs work? Are there effective products that are a good substitute for Viagra, Levitra, Cialis PDE5 inhibitors?

April 1 2017

We are not aware of any herbal or pharmaceutical product that leads to an anatomically bigger penis. However, if you do not have much of a sexual arousal, and your penis is normally flaccid, certain herbs can improve penile engorgement which could lead to a little larger organ than you are used to. But this does not mean that your penis got larger, it just means that it became the maximum size it would normally have been under ideal arousal conditions.

It is also possible that if you are normally very flaccid, the sexual herbs can improve your blood flow and you may notice your non-erect member to be larger or fuller due to improved circulation or blood pooling. However, and again, this does not mean that these natural herbal sexual products actually led to a bigger anatomy. They are just improving circulation and helping you with maximal dilation and engorgement that you may otherwise achieve under ideal aroused situations.

Many websites promise potential customers that if they use their herbal product for a few weeks or months that they will gain one to three inches. They even show pictures (we all know how easy it is to manipulate graphics) of men before and after. If you purchase such products with the thought that you will become larger by 1 to 3 inches, you are likely to be disappointed.

However, this does not mean that such products are worthless. Many natural herbal pills sold over the counter are effective in enhancing sexual pleasure, stamina, sex drive and can help men achieve longer lasting erections and more powerful orgasms.

Herbal products help improve sexual pleasure
Herbs can be effectively used to enhance a sexual experience. There are dozens of herbs that can improve erectile function, sensitivity, libido, and sexual pleasure. There are many products on the market that work well. One such product is Passion Rx, a combination of 20 potent herbs. If you have had a low sex drive and weak erections, an herbal sex formula can improve dilation and engorgement, and it may appear that you have a larger penis, but all the herbs are doing is to help you reach your natural maximum length, not necessarily increasing the maximum length which is limited anatomically.

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Passion Rx improves sexual urge, sensation, dilation, and stamina. The results are sometimes seen within a day or two, but most people notice the effects over several days of use. Our feedback thus far indicates more than 80% user satisfaction. Passion Rx does not enlarge a penis bigger than it would have been under ideal arousal conditions. It enhances erection, sensation, sex drive, and can make you stay harder longer and have a more powerful orgasm.

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Penis stretching device may increase length
In a small pilot study by Dr. Paolo Gontero of the University of Turin, Italy, men who used Andro-Penis made by Andromedical of Madrid for six months saw an average increase of a little over 2 centimeters in penis length. In order to benefit from this device, men need to wear it at least 4 to 6 hours a day for a minimum of 3 months. The device cannot be worn while sleeping or engaging in daily activity. Just one of the 15 men in the current study had an abnormally small penis, 8 had undergone surgery that shortened their penises, and the rest had what is known as “penile dysmorphophobia,” or the belief that one’s penis is abnormally small when it actually falls within the normal range. The men were asked to use the device for at least 4 hours a day. Two men withdrew from the study, due to pain and bruising of the penis. Andro-Penis is a plastic ring and a silicone band joined by two metal rods, which can be adjusted to change traction force. Men used the device at increasing levels of traction force over the course of the study. Penis length did increase, with most of the increase seen in the first month of using the device. Six months after the men discontinued the device, the increase in length had been maintained. BJU International, March 2009.
Comments: This is a small study and we are puzzled that 8 of the men had undergone surgery which may not reflect the benefit in men who have not undergone surgery. Nevertheless, this study is encouraging and we await results of additional data with a larger group of volunteers.

Normal size
Men should know that a normal-sized penis is 1.6 inches or more when flaccid or 2.7 inches when stretched out. The findings are based on a study of 92 patients who went to the Andrology Department at Cairo University Hospital in Egypt over a 2-year period complaining of a small-sized penis. Penile length and girth were assessed with a tape measure in both flaccid and fully stretched states. The men were asked what they considered a normal size penis and then were informed about the actual normal penis size. All of the men met the thresholds for normal penis size and did not have erectile dysfunction. However, on average, the men estimated that the “normal” flaccid penis length should be to be 5 inches. The education and measurement sessions solved the concerns of 79 men. The other 13 subjects still insisted that their member was too short, but with further psychosexual counseling, most were convinced otherwise. It is those who are resistant to the idea that their penis is average size and wish for a large penis or huge penis who are most likely to seek penis enlargement pills or a penis enlarger device.

Penis enlargement patch
Can you please guide me that Is penis enlargement is possible at the age of 30yrs. If Yes, I am looking for such products secondly vacuum pump. I don’t believe in pills and surgery. Please guide me and help the need full.
We don’t think penis enlargement patches work, nor do vacuum pumps. Sorry. There are many companies on line that sell these types of products and we have not heard of anyone who has benefited from them.

Pumps, do they work? How effective are they?
Penis enlargement pump devices, the frequent subject of e-mail spam and other questionable advertising, do not work. Long-term use of such devices not only fails to increase penis size but may also raise the risk of complications, such as penis numbness and burst blood vessels. Vacuum devices have been shown to temporarily increase penis size by promoting blood flow into the organ. A study involved 37 sexually active men, between 18 and 35 years of age, with a stretched penis length (a substitute for erect length) of less than 4 inches. The men were instructed to use the Osbon ErecAid Vacuum Therapy System three times a week for 6 months. With the device, the penis is placed into a clear cylinder with silicon cream or lubricating gel applied to the base to maintain an airtight seal. Air is then removed from the cylinder with a hand pump. The men were told to use the device for about 20 minutes after an erection was achieved. They were instructed not to exceed 30 minutes to reduce the risk of tissue damage. When the study began the average penile length was 2.9 inches. With use of the pump, the average length increased only slightly to 3.1 inches. Nonetheless, 30 percent of the men were satisfied with their results when surveyed. One case of penile hematoma, a collection of blood beneath the skin, and one case of numbness were noted, but both resolved spontaneously without the need for any treatment. Penis pumps may be more appropriate for erectile dysfunction than for penis enlargement. BJU International, April 2006.

Is Natural Penis Enlargement Possible? What is the truth?
We recently did a search on the internet for some common terms that men were using and came across the following:

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What is the top or best penis enlargement pill?
Since we don’t think any of these products work well, none of them would be a best penis enlargement pill.

Rankings or scam?
I see some websites that have Penis Enlargement Rankings. Are these sites legitimate or are they a fraud and scam?
First of all, penis enlargement such as growing an inch or more is, in our opinion, not possible with herbs. Secondly, these penis enlargement ranking websites are often just a front for sex product companies trying to sell their own. Simply, the information you read on penis review sites is not reliable.

I came across a website that has penis enlargement testimonials. Can these be trusted? They even show a before and after  penis enlargement picture images and they seem real, what’s the real story?
We have seen and heard about penis enlargement testimonials as marketing tools for a long time. We question the honesty of these testimonials, we don’t think they are real. The size of a penis picture or an image can be easily manipulated with simple graphics.

I’m 32, single, going to get married. I’m desperate to know if mucuna pruriens or Passion Rx is well suited to improve the size of the penis permanently and enhances the erection strength. I’ve read on the net about many such products for penis enlargement, but I’m very much worried if they would harm my body.
These herbs and herbal products won’t harm your body if you use low dosages and take frequent breaks from use.

I was wondering about which supplement could help me grow bigger. I thought that DHEA could help me but after I read some information about it and this hormone sounds harmful if not used right. Iam only 20 years old and don’t want to get any side effects. Please tell me about what penis enlargement pill could really help me since I have a small penis.
Unfortunately, we can’t help you with this issue.

Q. As you know penis size depends on the amount of blood inside of it. Surely If a certain pill increases the erected size of the penis then it has “increased the size to a big penis” hasn’t it? My experience is that I have larger and harder erections when taking certain combinations of herbs and supplements. And my partner comments on the difference in penis size because if anyone would feel the difference she would, don’t you think? My personal opinion is that there are many penis pill products out there that help to increase the size of my penis, both erect and relaxed.
A. What you say is true that certain herbs and supplements improve blood flow to the penis and lead to stronger erections, however, they will not increase the maximal size that the penis can be attained anatomically. If a person is extremely aroused without herbs and supplements, and they have reached their max, herbs are not going to make the penis any larger. If we use the definition that anything that cause the penis to engorge and swell is a penis enlargement tool, then watching a porno movie, resulting in more blood flow to the penis increasing its size could be considered a penis enlargement product.
When promoters market penis enlargement pills, they are generally claiming that their product enlarges a penis and inch or more beyond what could normally be achieved at its maximal anatomic limitations.

Q. What do you think about a penis enlargement patch or cream? I read your web page and I understand that an herbal penis enlargement pill does not work, but what about a penis enlargement drug, do they work?
A. We have seen penis enlargement cream and patch being advertised. As far as enlarging a penis, in our opinion they are worthless. We are not aware of a pharmaceutical penis enlargement drug.

Q. Is penis enhancement the same as enlargement?
A. Penis enlargement would mean the actual penis size to enlarge which is not possible to the best of our knowledge. Penis enhancement does not seem to be as much of a wild claim since this could just mean more blood flow, better sensation, and longer lasting erection.

Q. I have spent hundreds of dollars to increase penis size with pumps, exercise techniques, and penis enhancement pills, but none of them work. I envy those who have a giant penis.
A. Yes, life is not fair. But there is no reason for humiliation if you have a small penis.

Q. A very informative website. I wonder if you could comment on whether there is a herbal supplement that might help a person in this situation: No problems with penis erections, appreciates that herbals will not increase penis size, is seeking to maintain a healthy flacid penis state. In the mornings the flacid length is “respectable” with a good blood flow but during the day it contracts to an embarrassing penis length. Any way of maintaining a good penis flacid state?
A. It is possible that the use of some of the sex herbs discussed on this website can lead to more engorgement than usual and make the penis appear larger. One such product to try is Passion Rx.

Q. I had a general question in regards to penis enlargement or enhancement pills. I was surfing the web and came across several companies that claim their product works by increasing the size of the corpora cavernosa, which are chambers in the penis that control blood flow. They claim their product increases the capacity of these penile chambers therefore increasing the length, girth, strength and firmness of the penis. My question is, are these so called penis enlargement claims scientifically or medically possible? Besides surgery, are there any methods of increasing penis size? I understand that these companies will pretty much say whatever it takes to make a profit, but perhaps there might be some sort of truth in what they claim. I just don’t want to get my hopes up and spend my money on something that is impossible.
A. We are not aware of any herbal or pharmaceutical product that leads to an anatomically proven penis enlargement. However, if you have not had much sexual arousal in the past, and your penis is normally quite limp, and the herbs do help you get improved penile engorgement and arousal, it is possible that you will achieve maximal engorgement which could be a little larger penis than you are used to. But this does not mean that your penis got larger, it just means that your penis became the maximum size it would normally have been under ideal natural arousal conditions.

Q. Does Passion Rx product increase the length and thickness of the penis? If so, after how many cycles of the recommended use should I expect results? If so, what length increase can be expected on average? 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 1 inch, more? What happens if i stop using the product?
A. We are not aware of any supplements that increase the size of the penis. Many of them, including Passion Rx, can help improve blood flow to the penis and help it to become as maximally engorged and as large as it can under ideal stimulatory conditions within the genetic anatomical limitations of the penis.  If you stop using Passion Rx, the effect wear off after a few days. Passion Rx is normally taken every other day or every third day.

Q. This is to inform u that i am suffering from a problem in which my partner is not satisfied with the size of my penis, When its erect it’s just 2 inches. I want it to be around 8 inches. I am from India. What penis enlargement pill do you recommend?

Q. You guys seem to be experts in the topic of penis enlargement. I recently came across a product called VPXL which is herbal and claims no side effects. Have to heard about this. Is VPXL safe to try to this out. Your input is valuable.
A. We have not heard of this product.

Do ViMax pills really work? And what is the best pills to increase penis size and girth, today on the market?
We are not familiar with this product. We have not seen any published evidence that ViMax works as they promise to increase the size of the penis.

I get a lot of email offers from different outfits (US and Overseas) for penis enlargement (not better sex) products. Since I trust your information, I wanted to ask you if there is any validity to such penis enlargement products? In other words can an organ be enlarged by taking herbs and such? If there is, are they safe and do you offer any?
We are not aware of a penis enlargement herbal product that works.

Information pages on this website
Palmitic acid is one of the most common saturated fatty acids found in animals and plants.
Paullinia cupana is a climbing plant native to the Amazon basin and especially common in Brazil.
Paullinia pinnata is an African woody vine widely used in traditional medicine for the treatment of impotence.
Petiveria alliaceae, also spelled as Petiveria alliacea, is known as Anamu and used in the Dominican Republic for penis enhancement and as a substitute for impotence drugs.
Phellinus linteus is a mushroom extract used in China that has a marked anti-cancer effect
Phycocyanobilin is found in spirulina
Phyllanthus emblica, or Indian gooseberry, also known as amla, has been traditionally used for many chronic conditions including diabetes.
Pimpinella anisum, also known as anise, has been used as a spice and medicine since antiquity. Anise seeds have a licorice-like flavor.
Pinitol is a natural product of the group of cyclitols.
Piper longum is known as Indian long pepper
Piper methysticum is also known as kava
Piper nigrum is known as black pepper
Plumbago Zeylanica is also known as Chitrakmool or Citrak
Plumbagin is found in a plant called Plumbago Zeylanica
Polygonatum sibiricum has steroidal saponins named neosibiricosides
Ptychopetalum olacoides is also known as muira puama and comes from Brazil
Puerarin is an extract from the Chinese herb Radix Puerariae

Can you tell me about this Man-XL product, does it work, I got a spam email about it, it says: Safe & Effective Penis Enlargement Over 1,500,000 bottles sold worldwide We Offer Full Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the results of Man-XL, you have nothing to lose, just a lot to gain. Gain Up to 3+ Inches In Length. Increase Your Penis Width (Girth) By up to 20%. Help Stop Premature Ejaculation! Produce Stronger, Rock Hard Erections. 100% Safe To Take, With NO Side Effects.  Fast Shipping WorldWide. Doctor Approved And Recommended. No Pumps, No Surgery, No Exercises. Very discrete shipping and billing.  Up to 3 FREE Bottles Of Man-XL. Highly secure 128bit order processing. Buy This herbal Enlargement Pills.
We are not familiar with Man-XL. Any time there is a spam email, one should be suspicious. Plus, when they claim there is no side effect, that is another clue not to trust the information.